VATT Instrumentation and Computers

Current instruments and computing equipment available at the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope are:

VATT CCD Imager - Vatt4k
- A replacement STA0500A back illuminated 4K CCD, ITL serial number 8301, was installed March 2017, and updated 26 January 2018.
- It is similar to the September 2007 one, including its QE.
- Pixels: 4096x4096, 15x15 microns
- Gain:1.9 e/DN
- Full well: ADC limited (65k DN) = ~120,000 electrons unbinned
- Noise: ~3.9 electrons
- Photon Transfer Curve
- Gain Curve
- FOV: 12.5 arcmin square
- pixel scale: 0.188 arcsec/pixel
- wavelength range: 300 - 1000 nm, peak 96% at 450 nm
- Preamplifiers added October 2008 inside the dewar. These give faster readout and lower noise.


Galway Ultra Fast Imager - GUFI
- This L3CCD system, based on an Andor iXon back-illuminated CCD camera, gives a readout time of only 2ms, extremely high time resolutions of up to 400 images a second (subframed), and very low light level sensitivity.
- Field of view on VATT, 3 arcmin with current focal reducer.
- On loan from NUI Galway, currently until June 2011.
- Consult Richard Boyle for technical details, and see the NUI Galway "Brown Dwarfs and Substellar Objects" group.


VATT CCD Spectrograph - VATTSpec
- This optical region spectrograph has AR coated refractive optics, with a beam size at its camera of 125 mm, giving ...
- slit length: 30 arcsec
- wavelength range: 360 - 950 nm
- spectral coverage: 100 nm at 0.1 nm resolution
- spectral resolutions: 0.1, 0.2, and 0.4 nm with 1 arcsec wide slit
- detector: back illuminated, low noise CCD STA0520A, with very nice cosmetics.
     ITL Serial Number 8228
     2688x512 pixels, 15x15 microns
     Detector operating temperature -110C
     Gain: 1.3 e/DN with setting 10; 2.6 e/DN with setting 5
     Full well, both gains: ADC limited (65k DN) = 85,000 or 170,000 electrons
     Noise: 3.4 electrons (3.2 in overscan region)
     QE Curve
- efficiency: determined by Mark Wagner for telescope plus spectrograph
- further details are under the Instructions for use of the VATT Spectrograph.
- bandpass filters available: S8612 (red blocking); GG-400, GG-475, OG-550 (cut-offs to the blue in nm).


Offset and slit-viewing guide box with CCD guide camera
- provides interface to derotator for all the above instruments.
- effective back focal distance, from guide box to focal surface, is 2.000".
- contains two filter wheels, each holding four 3.48" square filters. Adapters to accommodate 2" and 3" square filters are available.
- UBVRI, uvby, Vilnius, Sloan, ECAS, and Order Blocking filters are currently provided.
- integrating sphere with continuum and calibration lamps.