MGIO Duty System

MGIO Duty System:
To respond to unusual situations, Mt. Graham International Observatory has a duty system where a MGIO employee is on call around-the-clock. They can be contacted through the duty cell phone # (928)-965-3100. This is to address any problems on site such as utility problems, snow removal, or maintenance issues.

For other problems contact:
LBT: John Little, Unit #75, Tel: (928) 428-4286
MGIO: Shane Olsen, Unit #32, Tel: (928) 428-2739
SMT/ARO: Tom Folkers, Unit #98, Tel: (520) 626-7837
VATT: Bob Peterson, Unit #12, Tel: (520) 621-5136
Or see emergency contact list for additional phone numbers (Last page of MGIO Orientation).

Base Camp:
Working hours: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
   Monday through Friday except holidays
Phone number: (928) 428-2739

If you will be visiting MGIO during holidays, weekends or after hours please contact the Base Camp staff during regular working hours to make special arrangements to pick up keys, radios, and permits during Base Camp closure periods.